Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Week 10

Well, we are more than a 1/3 of the way through with the Academy training! There are a lot of fun things going on at the Academy this week. The Senior Cadets graduate this Friday which is providing a ton of motivation for Ryan and his fellow Jr. Cadets. In two weeks, Ryan will officially be a Senior Cadet as a new class of Juniors takes their place. This is a huge milestone in the process!
Ryan received his gun yesterday!!! As you can imagine, he was really excited. They practiced pulling it out, loading and unloading it, and today they began learning how to take it a part and clean it. He's not sure when they will head to the firing range. Maybe next week once they receive their vests. They also got to meet with the different uniform companies this week to start talking about ordering their CHP uniforms!
We're entering the part of the process that is getting really exciting yet also very challenging at the same time. Please continue to pray for Ryan as he feels stressed and overwhelmed at times.


Ryan, Karissa, and Baby H!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Week 8!!!

I can't believe Ryan finishes his 8th week on Saturday! Only 19 more to go! This week has been and will continue to be really stressful for Ryan. He has three tests today and two on Saturday that he needs to study for and do well on. He also has another PMA certification test coming up that he's working on. This test is arrest techniques...obviously very important for his future as an officer. He's asked that we all be praying for him to do well on his tests, and for him to not feel too overwhelmed with all of the stuff on his plate at the moment.
It's been really tough these last two weeks for Ryan as they've had to work on Saturdays and late into the evenings each night. He's really anxious to come home and get some rest next week!

Thanks for praying!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Week 7

This week has been pretty good. Ryan is doing much better in the PT portion of his training. He's finishing more and getting much stronger. They started learning how to use their hand cuffs in PMA this week, and Ryan said it was a lot of fun. They are also learning how to write parking tickets this week.
Unfortunately, Ryan got his first Wednesday night he won't be eating out next Wednesday night. It's amazing that he has gotten this far without a restriction, but hopefully he will continue to fly under the radar so to speak.
The cadets do not get the next two weekends off because of the 4 day weekend last weekend. I'm sure its going to be a really long three weeks for Ryan so please pray for perseverance. He comes home next on July 30th for a 3 day weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick Prayer Request

Hello Everyone,

It seems a lot of the cadets are getting sick this week. 4 are currently quarantined because of the flu. One of those cadets is Ryan's roommate Russ. Ryan is feeling fine as of this afternoon, but please be praying for good heath and for protection from sickness this week. I'm sure you can imagine that this is not the best time to be sick.

More to come soon...


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

CHP Blog Up and Running!

Hello Friends and Family,

It was amazing to have Ryan home this weekend, but it always ends too soon! He began week 6 of his training yesterday, and the week is already off to an intense start. The cadets were tested yesterday morning in order to receive their baton certification. This is what they've been working so hard on in their PMA classes every day, and Ryan passed! I'm really proud of him...a little less than half of his class has to take the test again.

The CHP website has finally posted the blog for Ryan's cadet class! I guess they've been busy doing other things. Anyways, there isn't much detail in the writing, but there are three pictures of Ryan!!! Because he looks so different, I'm going to help you find him...4th picture, front right...9th picture, front right...13th picture, 2nd from the left. The link to the website is Click on his class...09-II.

Thanks for all of your prayer, love and support!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So far it's been a pretty good 5th week at the academy for Ryan. He really misses some of the little freedoms that we take for variety in our food options. I guess the menu is becoming very predictable there.
PMA was a lot of fun yesterday. They were able to put their learning into practice as they fought off a fake attacker. Some of the instructors dressed up in padded suits and then attacked the cadets. The cadets' goal was to use their baton and the moves they've been learning to fight off the attack. Ryan really enjoyed the fight. He did learn however, that he is going to have to learn how to be a bit more assertive in those kinds of situations. Thankfully, being mean and aggressive doesn't come naturally to him. However, we're certain that with more practice he will learn to adapt in those situations.
Ryan has a test today and another test tomorrow that we're praying he does well on. Overall this week has been a good one. Ryan has been able to get to bed at a decent hour each night, and he hasn't seemed to be too stressed out or overwhelmed. Most weeks will not be this enjoyable so Ryan is soaking it up while it lasts.
The last two weeks have been really long, but Ryan is coming home tomorrow night! We're really excited to get another weekend to spend together. We ask that you keep praying for endurance for both of us. I think the reality of the length of our time a part has sunk in, and we're both struggling to keep the goal in mind.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Its been a month

I am a sixth of the way through, it is getting a lot better so far because there is a lot less yelling from the Staff Office and the classes are going well. My classes right now are Property Damage, Sex Crimes(crazy what people do, glad I wont have to deal w/ that a lot) Vehicle Code, Physical Methods of Arrest(we are learning to use our baton which is fun) The class lengths depend on the class some are a few hours and others can be the whole academy length. I am getting better at physical training and we just started 4 miles on our runs now. I have two tests next week on property damage and sex crimes on thurs and friday and then i get to come home. The hardest part still is missing my amazing wife and i cant wait to see her and you guys this next weekend. My roommates are good, Russ is a good guy and a Christian and Sean is a very liberal person and we have had some interesting conversations. But i have made friends w/ a few other guys and there is another guy who runs a prayer circle which is nice but i haven't been able to attend yet b/c of the schedule conflicts but I should be able to this next week which would be nice. Keep the prayers coming and hope this week goes by super fast. Love you all.